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Root Canal Therapy

If a cavity goes very deep or a tooth is fractured, the nerve inside of the tooth can be compromised. Simply covering up the damaged tooth isn’t enough. Instead, the infected nerve must be removed and the canal medicated and sealed off to prevent reinfection.

Root canals are often needed for teeth that have:

  • Had previous trauma
  • Abscesses
  • Severe pain
  • Evidence of a dying nerve (discoloration)
  • Large cavities extending into the nerve chamber
  • Large fillings that are leaking
  • Fractured roots

Don’t Put Your Root Canal Off

Putting a root canal off is something most people do because they are afraid it will hurt, cost them a lot of money, or isn’t really necessary. We only recommend root canal treatments in our Indianapolis dentist office if they are truly needed to improve the health of your smile.

In many cases, your tooth nerve may be asymptomatic to infections like abscesses or cavities. Even if the tooth is diseased and needs a root canal, you may feel like nothing is wrong. Our Indianapolis dentist works to pinpoint these problems so that the tooth can be saved rather than extracted later on.

What is a Root Canal?

A root canal is a restoration that extends into the nerve chamber of your tooth. The infected nerve tissue is removed, the canal is cleaned and medicated, and then a filling material is placed into the canal to seal out future bacterial infections. They are essentially a filling that extends through the length of your tooth, rather than just the top of it.

Gentle Root Canal Treatments

Do you feel nervous about possible pain or discomfort during your root canal? Root canals have a bad reputation for being uncomfortable treatments that people sincerely dislike. Thankfully, situations like that are becoming very few and far between.

Our Indianapolis root canal treatments are gentler than you would have ever imagined. First, we will thoroughly numb the entire area around the teeth being treated, to prevent any discomfort. Before your injection we will even apply numbing cream to lessen the initial “pinch” felt from your shot.

If a numb tooth isn’t enough, we also provide safe and relaxing sedation services to all of our root canal patients. Sedation makes it simpler to experience ultimate comfort during any dental treatment – whether it is a root canal, crown, or even an extraction.

Root Canal Prices

Indianapolis root canal prices will depend on the tooth that you are having treated. For instance, some teeth have one root, while others have 2 or 3. The number of nerve canals in the tooth will impact the length of the procedure, as well as the materials that are used. In general, most root canal prices are based on the tooth being treated. Because we perform most root canals in our Indianapolis office, you can avoid the expensive fees charged by specialists.

We will work with your dental insurance carrier to make your Indianapolis root canal as affordable as possible. Be sure to check out our financing options as well! Financing is great for people without insurance, or who need to make payments on any amounts not covered by their dental plan.

Endodontic Services

Root Canal in ChairIt can be hard to find a dental office that offers root canal treatments, but Go Dental offers endodontic therapy right here in our office. The procedure takes slightly longer to complete but is as comfortable as a regular restorative dental procedure. We also offer sedation options to our patients to keep them as comfortable as possible.

Don’t put your root canal off. Waiting too long for treatment may cause the tooth to break down until it is no longer restorable, resulting in an extraction. Call us today for your no-hassle exam.